Media Resources and Articles (partial listing):

Progressive Distributor, "Seven Strategies of Sales Champions", January 2003.
   "… Dan Kuschell has spent over 10 years in direct marketing building organizations from scratch to over $3 million in revenue…"

Arizona Republic, August 2002.
   "… Dan Kuschell has trained more than 50,000 people on how to empower and enable themselves to gain control of their lives…"

The Wall Street Journal, Center for Entrepreneurs- Start Up Journal, September 2002.
   "…Dan Kuschell, a Phoenix based marketing consultant… If you nurture your network… other businesses will gladly promote your product or services to their customers…"

Health Insurance Underwriter Magazine, "Fly With The Eagles", January 2003.

Touchstone Magazine, "Generating The Momentum to Increase Sales", September 2002.

Business to Business Online, "Boost Selling: Seven Strategies of Sales Champions Revealed and Explained", January 2003.

Progressive Distributor, "Generate Momentum to Increase Sales, Promote Growth", December 2002.
   "Dan Kuschell is a direct sales/marketing expert…"

Sales and Marketing Excellence, "Get Results", October 2002.
   "Dan Kuschell… offers workshops and teleconference coaching for entrepreneurs, sales executives and business professionals…"

Opportunity World Magazine, "Explode Momentum", February 2003.
   "Dan Kuschell is a direct sales and direct marketing expert…"

Money and Profits Magazine, "Increase Momentum, Increase Sales", January/February 2003.
   "… is a direct marketing/sales expert and author of A Champion in the Making…"

Selling Power Magazine, January/February 2003.
   "… companies are throwing darts at the wall and calling it a forecast… sales trainer Dan Kuschell…"

Selling, "More Momentum", September 2002.
   "Dan Kuschell, a direct sales expert offers tips for building a sales forces momentum…"

Business Update Publication, "TurboCharge Your Sales", December 2002.
   "…If you're ready to join the rank of sales champions and increase your sales 200%… then follow the proven steps…"

Staff Digest, "Generate Momentum To Increase Sales and Promote Business Growth", November/December 2002.
   "Dan Kuschell is a direct sales/marketing expert and author… …offers trainings and… coaching…. "

NBC 1190 KMYL, Phoenix, AZ, January 2003.
   "Dan Kuschell is a master of peak performance and sales mastery… he can help you."

Shared Vision Network, March 2003.
   "Dan Kuschell has traveled the country to inspire and educate over 50,000 individuals… learn the secrets to life, health, and financial mastery!"